Happy Holidays from My Home to Yours!

As my four dogs would tell you if they could, “Momma’s been spending a lot of time at the barn!” And they would be right! The Fabulous Fabio and I have ramped up our Dressage regimen under Trainer Cindy Franchek and we are having so much fun. We have the coolest most unusual barn I’ve ever been part of. It’s on the grounds of Noble Champion Farms in the Duncanville/Cedar Hill area. And in case this is something YOU have always wanted to do, call Cindy at 713-320-1578. We have a few select openings in the barn with some great new horses to lease. Plus we have an amazing covered arena (with mirrors) as well as a great round pen for lunging and concentrated practice. One of my favorite days is a Barn Day!

This time of year, another great day is when I’ve stocked up on all the ingredients I need, have on either KLUV’s Christmas music or my pal Jody Dean, and then turn my attention to the serious business of making Jocie’s Christmas Crinkles. It’s at least a 35-year tradition as my mom and I started making them when I was a teenager. Check out my recipe. And while you are at it, you will also find Kent Rathbun’s Cranberry-Basil Relish. Watch our December “What’s Cooking?” segment again to see the iconic chef at work. Many thanks to Capital Distributing for the use of their fabulous Showroom as our show set and cooking set.

Seventeen Holiday Shows later and I still love going into homes to see how their owners have decorated for the holidays. Gary Riggs, our Designing Texan, shares several of the holidays we’ve spent with him. It makes me appreciate my own holiday traditions—and hopefully you feel the same about yours!

Bruce Russo and Myong Chong are wrapping up their respective series in this month’s show. And Tony Visconti continues to share the secret to his renowned Bella Custom Homes—the best of craftsmanship!

Our friend John Zouzelka wraps up the year at The Hills of Kingswood in his inimitable style. He shares the beautiful new homes and gorgeous lots that could entice YOU to be “At Home in the Hills of Kingswood.”

This is such a busy hurried time of the year so I always try to slow down for at least 15 minutes, sipping hot tea, looking at the lights on my Christmas Tree(s), and taking stock of the past year’s blessings. My partner Buddy Coronado and I thank you and your devotion to our show.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!
Here’s to more good times ahead in 2018.

P.S. Another show I created is celebrating its One Thousandth Episode this month. Hats off to Leslie Ann Crozier and the “Hot On! Homes” team!